10 January 2016

Bitcoin added as a payment method

Happy 2016! We are now accepting Bitcoin for payment throughout our store. The transaction is quick, easy and secure. We hope you enjoy.

15 December 2014

Cases for the Kindle 6 have just arrived!

Looking for stylish cases for the Kindle 6? We have received more than 40 different cases, still only $19.90. 

50 new cases for the Kindle Voyage

We have received more than 50 different cases for the new Kindle Voyage. For all tastes and preferences, only $19.90!

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The new Kindle Voyage, now in Australia

The Kindle Voyage has arrived in Australia, just in time for Christmas. Order now with Next-Day delivery and 1-year local Australian warranty.

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28 June 2013

New Kindles Sleeves for Kindle 4/5, Paperwhite and Touch

We've received new Kindle Sleeves for the Kindle 4, Kindle 5, Paperwhite and Touch. They're available now for only $14.98 each.

27 February 2013

New cases with built-in light for Kindle 4/5

We've received new cases with built-in LED light for the Kindle 4/5. They draw power from the Kindle itself, no batteries required.