16 April 2011

Business verification from Trust Guard: Buy with confidence!

Our Business has been verified by Trust Guard, an in independent group specialized in e-commerce security. Look for our approval seal on our website's footer:

You can click that seal to verify our business information. You might also want to check Trust Guard. Here is little info about them:

Trust Guard is a division of Global Marketing Strategies LLC. (GMS) - An eCommerce and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company with over 13 years of online sales and marketing experience. Trust Guard specializes in Website Security, Privacy, and Business Verification Seals that build customer trust and loyalty, increase online sales, and improve website credibility. 
Trust Guard also offers PCI Compliant security scanning that checks for over 42,000 vulnerabilities hackers might use to compromise websites.
When online consumers see a Trust Guard Seal, they know that the website has been scanned and verified by a reliable, trustworthy third-party. Our seals come with a certificate that is displayed when consumers click on the seal, instantly verify ing the website’s credentials without leaving the site, giving them the confidence and the peace of mind to complete their purchase.

ReaderShop Team

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