13 March 2012

Read Australian Newspapers on your Kindle

Use a program called Calibre (PC / Mac) to manage your Kindle library. Calibre has pre-build feeds for ABC News, Business Spectator, Daily Telegraph, The Age, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The West Australian. You can also create your own. It has a news feed option that can get news feeds from different websites and turn it into a Kindle paper.

In order to use this feature, open Calibre, click "Fetch News" -> English (Australia) -> select the newspaper you want to read.

Calibre is constantly updated so button names and layout might change in the future.

1 comment:

  1. There is also another simple way to get news on your kindle without relying on your computer to be "on" all the time.
    https://Webtoread.com does it for you with just few clicks.
    Sign-up and one Subscription comes free.

    Currently 4 Australians newspapers are available :
    ABC News : https://webtoread.com/news/ABCNews
    The Age : https://webtoread.com/news/TheAge
    The Australian : https://webtoread.com
    The Sydney Morning Herald : https://webtoread.com/news/TheSydneyMorningHerald


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