26 October 2012

How to remove Special Offers from your Kindle

Special Offers are absolutely non intrusive and do not show up in any way while you're reading, taking notes, browsing the web or doing anything else. You can enjoy discounts and offers directly and non intrusively in your Kindle. 
If you still wish to get them removed for any reason, you can pay Amazon an extra $15 and they'll stop serving offers to your device. 

Before proceeding, please note: 

- All fees are paid directly to Amazon, ReaderShop does not sell or manage any content in your Kindle.
- This procedure is subject to change at any time according to Amazon's policy. Any problems with the process below should be taken to Amazon. 

- The fact that you can't remove special offers from your device does not constitute any problem with it. All Kindles sales are final according to our Terms and Conditions.

Follow these steps to remove those special offers and lock-screen ads:
1. Log into your Amazon.com account. Or go directly to the Amazon Kindle Manage page here (you can now skip the next 2 steps).
2. Go to the left side of the screen and right beside the big search bar, hover your mouse over ‘My Account’.
3. Select ‘Manage your Kindle’ from the drop-down menu.

4. From the left-hand menu under ‘Your Kindle Account’, select ‘Manage your Devices’.

5. This page will display the Kindle and other devices connected to your account. Under ‘Special Offers’, click on the ‘Edit’ link beside the word, Subscribed.

5. This is where you can opt-out of the special offers and screensaver ads for a one time payment of $15. 

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